About Us


The greatest pursuit of medieval scientists and engineers was to invent the perpetual motion machine.

In other words a completely frictionless machine that would work smoothly till eternity.

At Ace Bearing Corporation , we do not see this as an impractical dream, but as the symbolic motto of our working aspirations, our professional standards.

To achieve our quality aspirations, we have stayed in perpetual motion. Never satisfied with past achievements or leadership, we have invested heavily in latest technology and ventured into new areas of expertise.

And as India readies itself to liberalize and join the global community, we are moving swiftly and surely to provide our support to the industry. To keep the engines of growth in perpetual motion.

Company Motto

“All we have accomplished so far is only a beginning . We must keep going, never giving into the temptation to rest on our achievements, always bearing in mind our responsibility in the ever changing global scenario”.
Future Plans

Company has the following future plans:

-To Design and implement the company to be   eligible   for ISO 9002 and further QS 9000   Certification.
-To Enhance Production Capacity.
-To Add more products in our Product Range.
-To Develop Bearings of customized design.

: sales@acebearing.com

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