Quality Policy:


Quality has always been an integral part of our corporate culture and every effort is made to ensure that customers get quality with value for money.

Ace Bearing Corporation has inducted skilled employees at all levels to bring their experience  into the manufacture of precision bearings.

A detailed flow process chart for each operation of manufacturing process helps us to maintain close tolerance during production.

We conduct quality check on every component including raw material and our in-process inspection includes checking for dimensional and metallurgical tests on critical factors.

“Tolerances of our ACE BEARINGS. conform to ISO,DIN and AFBMA Standards”

These words sum up the ACE attitude towards quality control, expressed  as philosophy that constantly monitors quality and process efficiency at each stage to ensure a perfect end product.


                                         QUALITY CONTROL:


Chemical Analysis of raw material for Bearing Balls, Rollers and Races are carried out in well equipped Laboratory for prime material selection.

Mettallurgical Microscope:

MCB-1 Union Optical Co. Ltd.  (Japan) used for checking micro structure of bearing components like Balls, Rollers and Races to maintain the standard metallurgical specifications for durability of ACE BEARINGS.


Rank Taylor Hobson Ltd. (UK) - Used for the measurement of roundness, squareness, concentricity and coaxility of bearing components, which ensure excellent running accuracy with long running life of ACE BEARINGS.

Surtronic 3+ :

Rank Taylor Hobson Ltd. (UK) – Surface finish measuring instrument is used to evaluate all parameters of surface texture,  excellent surface finish of Races, Rollers and Balls to ensure a smooth silent frictionless motion of ACE BEARINGS.

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